Leeds Feline Friends is a registered charity.

Registered Charity Number 1138972


                 UPDATE ON SUGAR



Many thanks to all those kind people who offered to foster

Sugar until a home can be found for her. Sugar is now

 in her new foster home, safe and warm, no

longer scrabbling in dirt under a garden table for shelter.



As a result of the closure or scaling down of several cat rescue charities, both national and independent, in Leeds, some dedicated former volunteers from one of those charities regrouped and formed Leeds Feline Friends in March 2010.  We endeavour to improve the lot of as many cats on the streets of Leeds as finance and time permit.

We aim to improve the lives of vulnerable cats in Leeds, wherever and whenever possible, and to leave them healthier, happier and more secure than when we found them.

We are a small group of friends who started out together on this venture. We have a wealth of experience and, just as importantly, we enjoy working together for the benefit of needy local cats. We ask for no  reward other than seeing these cats blossom under our care and find safe and secure new homes.


                                 THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!


Gordon was a stray cat, unneutered, unwanted and unloved. Luckily, a kind lady started to feed him and reported him to us. We had no foster places available but we had him neutered , provided him with a cat kennel and put him on our website for rehomingThough a very  big boy, Gordon is not at all aggressive and he was being bullied by other cats in the neighbourhood. This photo of him sitting outside his kennel must have touched hearts as we were offered several homes for him. What a contrast - the photo on the right, taken on the first day in his new home! Now this gentle giant is very much wanted and loved.

You can read more about Gordon and some of the other cats happily rehomed on Home Sweet Home and  about just a  few of the many cats that we have helped on CAT TALES.




We are in urgent need of fosterers so that we can help

more cats in desperate circumstances. If you think you

might be interested in becoming a fosterer  please read

FOSTERING for more information.





These cats are living outside.THESE ARE NOT FERAL CATS. They are all pets who have lost their homes through absolutely no fault of their own. They haven't chosen to live outside with no shelter. Please think about offering one of them a home now so that they don't have to spend yet another winter out in the bitter cold weather.

We have just rehomed the last two of these cats but there

is no doubt that there will soon be others so watch this