Adopt a cat 2

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These 2 girls are quite timid and shy.They and are best suited to a quiet home without children.They will take time to settle but they are only young and love to play. Blue is 2-3 years old and Squirrel around 2 years old. They enjoy treats so they can easily be bribed into liking you! Squirrel likes to lie down on a step for you to tickle her tummy. Blue is a gossip and always has a meow and a shout when you walk into the room!

They must be homed together.



Jimmy is young, handsome and loving and a bit of a wuss. He goes out but not for long. He much prefers to sprawl on a nice, soft bed. He’s a bit of an attention seeker and loves to snuggle up to you for a bit of one to one. He’s 4 years old and a real character.


Lucy is loving in her own way. She’s very playful but is also independent. She will curl up near you but is not a lap cat. She needs someone with a big heart and lots of patience so that she can learn to trust. The rewards will be well worth it. Lucy is also 4 years old.

Jimmy and Lucy are not related but they have formed a close bond and They complement and support each other.

They must be homed together.



Porter was a stray for a few years before being rescued and neutered which has brought about an amazing change in him.He likes to be stroked but will tell you when he’s had enough. He needs a home without children where he is the only pet. He is used to a garden and greenery and a cat flap so that he can come and go as he likes. Porter is around 6 years old.



Billy and Hayley are both young and love to play together and with their toys but they are also quite shy. Billy is around 1 year old and Hayley around 2 years old. Hayley is more reserved and will take a while to trust someone.Billy loves his head being tickled. They just need someone who is happy to let them come round in their own time and build up their confidence gradually. Bribery with treats will help. They are best suited to a quiet home without children.

They must be homed together.


These 2 are almost identical in looks and characteristics.They are around 3-4 years old, are very playful and get on well with other cats. They enjoy lounging around, sleeping in cardboard boxes and watching what’s going on from a distance.They need someone with the time and patience to help to build up their confidence. They are looking for a quiet home with no children.

They must be homed together.


Rocky and Otto are uncle and nephew. They are a year apart in age but are close and are happy in each other’s company. They are loving and trusting with their rescuer and have the potential to be so with their new owner. They need love and affection but also time to adjust and to learn to trust. They are not in the least aggressive or hissy and spitty. Rocky is not named because he’s a fighter; he’s just built like a bit of a bruiser. They are loving in their own way, just a little timid. Rocky is 4 years old and Otto is 3 years old.

They must be homed together.