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These 2 girls are quite timid and shy.They must be homed together and are best suited to a quiet home without children.They will take time to settle but they are only young and love to play. Blue is 2-3 years old and Squirrel around 2 years old. They enjoy treats so they can easily be bribed into liking you! Squirrel likes to lie down on a step for you to tickle her tummy. Blue is a gossip and always has a meow and a shout when you walk into the room!


Herbie is a very handsome boy. He is pure white with a green eye and a blue eye. Unlike many white cats Herbie is not deaf. He is 5-6 years old. He is laid back and friendly but is not suited to being homed with children. He needs a home where he is the only pet.


Rocky and Otto are uncle and nephew. They are a year apart in age but are close and are happy in each other’s company. They are loving and trusting with their rescuer and have the potential to be so with their new owner. They need love and affection but also time to adjust and to learn to trust. They are not in the least aggressive or hissy and spitty. Rocky is not named because he’s a fighter; he’s just built like a bit of a bruiser. They are loving in their own way, just a little timid. Rocky is 4 years old and Otto is 3 years old. They are to be homed together.


Benny venturing upstairs in his new foster home.

This very handsome chap is Benny. We don’t know his age for sure but he may be around 5 years old. He needs a quiet home without children as he is quite a nervous, shy boy. With time and patience we are sure he will blossom into a confident, happy cat! 



Brodie and Willow are adorable. They are two beautiful young sisters around 6 months old. They are very good natured, friendly and playful and need to be homed together.

The video below shows just how playful these youngsters are. Their playfulness was not appreciated by the daddy longlegs but all of us owned by cats know only too well their relationship with bugs.Twitter fans will probably be familiar with Curious Zelda, @curiouszelda, and will recognise this quote.

“I may get pets ,I may get hugs but I will kill when I see bugs”