In 2010 a small group of friends, who had all been volunteers at a branch of a national charity that had recently closed, held a meeting to discuss the possibility of setting up a cat rescue organisation and so began
Leeds Feline Friends.

Ten years on, in 2020 (and all of us ten years older!) we were proud of what we had achieved but we are a very small group, just eight of us, all volunteers, and we recognised that it was the right time to make some changes.

We homed over 400 cats during the ten years but
all the cats on the website have been homed so we no longer take in and home cats.

We have helped many cats with veterinary care and have taken in some very elderly cats, often with quite serious health issues. These cats can’t be rehomed so this means that we have a large number of cats in long term care living happily with their fosterers and we will care for them for the rest of their lives.

In the years preceding lockdown, with the support and cooperation of Beechwood and Towerwood Vets, we organised 3 neutering campaigns, targeting different areas of the city, and, from now on, we are concentrating on this aspect of cat welfare.

The situation in Leeds, where there are huge numbers of stray, feral and unwanted cats and kittens, is extremely serious. We are regularly told distressing stories about cats giving birth to kittens in gardens, sheds, outbuildings, under bushes and in all manner of dangerous places. We hear of kittens dumped in bags, boxes and litter bins or left to die by busy roads. It is heartbreaking, especially since since so much of this suffering could be avoided if only cats were neutered.

As an extremely small charity, we know we can’t solve this problem but we are all committed to neutering as many cats as we possibly can.

So far, we have neutered 1,500 cats and kittens, owned cats and strays, and, as a very small charity, we are proud of this number but, in the last financial year, our vet bills amounted to just under £100,000. With a number of long term care cats to support throughout the rest of their lives, there is no way we can maintain this level of spending so we have had to make the very difficult decision to halt all neutering for the rest of this year whilst we try to recover some funds.

For advice on neutering help during this time please look at our Neutering page.