Along with our plans to change the way in which the charity operates in 2020 we also had plans to make some changes to our annual events. We were still going to have the Spring and Christmas Fairs and the very popular Cream Tea and Plant Fair but instead of the auction in September we were going to hold two Tabletop Sales, one at Alwoodley and one at St Chads. One by one the events had to be cancelled during the year and, as we go into 2021, there will be none for the foreseeable future but rest assured as soon as it is absolutely safe for people to gather together we will be ready to spring into action.

We will still need to hold our fundraising events as veterinary costs have increased greatly. It is now in the region of £100 to spay a cat and £70 to castrate so our vet bills are huge. Covid makes no difference to the needs of cats. They still become sick and require expensive treatment and they still need to be neutered so we continue to face extremely large vet bills. Fund raising is vital for us, as it is for all charities, and without it we won’t be able to pay these bills indefinitely.

If anyone would like to help the charity in these difficult times please look at ways in which you can help on the Support Us page of the website.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to continue with events soon and that all our loyal volunteers and supporters who have been with us throughout the last eleven years will continue to come along and enjoy them with us. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

Meanwhile stay safe and well.