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On Saturday July 17th we were finally able to hold a fundraising event, the first one since the Christmas Fair in 2019.

It was a table top sale held within the covid rules so really a slimmed down version of one of our popular fairs. There were fewer people allowed in the hall, social distancing was maintained and masks had to be worn. There were no refreshments this time but it was a start and, hopefully, a step on the journey to normality. To keep numbers down and to allow more visitors in we kept our own numbers low so only 7 committee members and 4 volunteers worked extremely hard in intense heat to have everything ready for the 10 o’clock start but it was well worth the effort (and the sweat) as we raised £901.It was good to be back together fundraising and a great effort so a huge thank you to everyone and to the people who turned up to support us.