Adoption Policy

All the cats that we have are on our website.
We do not have a shelter.

All the cats in our care are fostered in private homes.
Other cats are living in multi cat households and are waiting there for new homes.


Please send your full address, including house number and postcode, and also your
phone number.


We will check out your location to see if it is safe and suitable for a cat.

We are looking for homes for our rescued cats well away from any busy roads or roads used as cut throughs or roads affected by school traffic. To avoid disappointment we must make it clear in advance that we want the future lives of our cats to be long, happy and safe and so we will not home where we consider there is an obvious risk of a nearby busy road.

Also, unfortunately, statistics show that the majority of cats killed on the road are young ones, frequently under 12 months of age, so this is particularly pertinent when homing kittens. Where possible the ideal home would be in a suitable and safe location with a garden or greenery nearby. We will be asking for a cat flap to be fitted into the house if you work full time away from home so that the cat can find shelter whenever it needs it, although suitable alternatives can be discussed at the home visit if you work from home or work only part time.


If your location is safe for a cat we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

Before any cat is placed with a potential owner a home visit has to be completed. This may sound off putting but it is mainly to discuss the kind of cat that would be suited to your household. Cats react differently to children, dogs and other cats. Some
enjoy being in a busy home but others are happier living a quiet life. It is also to discuss the starter room where the cat will go initially to help him/her to settle without undue stress and to talk about ways to make that settling in period as easy and calm as possible for both the cat and yourselves. You can also ask our homing officer any questions during the visit.

We are a very small organisation run solely by volunteers, some of whom also have jobs, and we cannot always deal with every thing immediately. We understand that, having decided you would like to adopt a cat, you want it NOW and we do aim to deal with requests as soon as possible but it may take a few days before we contact you to arrange a home visit.


Following a satisfactory home visit, we will arrange for you to visit any cats in which you are interested.


When you have seen the cat(s) that you would like to adopt Liz will arrange to bring the cat(s) to you and she will complete the necessary paperwork.

Each of our adult cats, or kittens of 6 months or older, will be vet checked, neutered, microchipped and given a flea and worm treatment.Younger kittens will be vet checked and given a flea and worm treatment but not neutered or micro chipped. This will
need to be done when the kitten is 5 months old.

As an indication of how much this costs – vet checks are around £38-£50, flea and worm treatments around £10, spaying around £100, castration around £70 and microchipping around £22

We are a non profit making organisation and every penny we fund raise is used for the benefit of our cats. Whilst we would not expect a new owner to cover the costs of any extensive medical treatment a cat may have had whilst in our care, adoption donations do help us to fund our next cat.

An acceptable donation would be in the region of £80 – £100 for a cat over 6 months old and £40- £50 for younger kittens, although, should you wish to do so, you may, of course, donate more. Donations for multiple cats can be discussed at the home visit.

When adopting please consider a black or white and black or black and white cat. They are so often overlooked in favour of other colours but they are usually very loving and make wonderful companions.